The People & The Technology That Deliver

A&Z Pharmaceutical is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, gender, age, religion, color, national origin, physical or mental disability, veteran status or any other legally protected status. A&Z Pharmaceutical further recognizes that the effective application of a policy of merit employment involves more than just a policy statement and will do everything possible to create a culture where people can grow and be part of something special. We have undertaken a program of affirmative action to make it known that equal opportunities are available on the basis of individual merit and to encourage employees to strive for advancement on this basis.

A&Z Pharmaceutical’s employees support our vision of growth and expansion by following the code of conduct. Our unified set of values serves as a guideline for our employees to be ethical and respectful in their daily work practices.

Emma Li Xu

Chairwoman and CEO

Emma Li Xu is one of the founders, Chairwoman and CEO of A&Z Pharmaceutical, Inc. Emma first came to the United States in 1995. She has had experience working in China, Hong Kong, and Australia. Ms. Emma Li Xu helped expand A&Z Pharmaceutical products throughout the U.S., China, Russia, Poland and South America. Through her efforts, A&Z was a finalist in the Large Business Category at the Hauppauge Industrial Association’s Business Achievement Awards in September 2012. Now the company has more than 450 employees and continues to flourish. Emma is proud to support the Go Red for Women Campaign. She hopes to continue promoting a healthy, active lifestyle through her work and daily life.



Engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for 60 years, Xu Xiaoxian has served as the Vice President of China’s Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Vice President of China’s Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce, Vice President of China’s Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association, Vice President of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, and Vice President of Guangdong’s Pharmaceutical Society Lifelong Association.

In addition, Mr. Xu worked as the Vice President and later as the President of LiZhu and continues to serve as an honorary Chairman to the company.

Today, he is the Executive Chairman for Anshi Pharmaceutical Inc. in Zhongshan, China.



Frank has been working for A&Z for 5 years and has over 25 years in the prescription drug industry.

Frank’s experience is in QC Laboratory, Technical Services, Validation, Manufacturing, Packaging, Global Quality, R&D, and Global Operations. Frank enjoys solving problems because his deep knowledge of pharmaceutical operations gives him the skills he needs to identify the root cause of issues and their solutions.

Frank’s goal for the company is to ensure that our D-Cal product line is of the highest quality while keeping up with a growing demand.



John is a result driven and dynamic leader, having over 18 years of branded marketing experience driving global brands, with 15 years of that experience in the sports and supplement categories.

In his career at The Nature’s Bounty Company, John led the multi million dollar Sports and Active Nutrition portfolio, as well as the vitamin and supplement business, including all branding, marketing investments, and business development. In the overall health and wellness category, John successfully developed short and long-term business strategies, and as a result, delivered substantial growth and success.

With his experience in launching and growing consumer connected brands, strategic thinking, and leadership ability, John will play an essential role in A&Z’s US business growth for the future.



Xian has been working for A&Z for 4 years and has 27 years of experience working in his field.

Before coming to A&Z, Xian worked for Forest Laboratories, Inc. as the Director of Corporate Engineering for 10 years.

Xian believes in applying good engineering practices to ensure quality and increase efficiency and processes. Xian’s goal for the company is to achieve operational excellence.



Jodi leads the company’s leadership development, training, workforce planning, employee relations, compensation, benefits and diversity initiatives.

Prior to joining A&Z, Jodi was the Sr. Director of Human Resources for Forest Laboratories, Inc. where she held a number of roles of increasing scope and responsibility during her tenure.

As proven leader, Jodi is a proactive, progressive and innovative leader who uses a highly collaborative style to manage high-impact projects and HR initiatives. Jodi is committed to building a strong culture and drive employee engagement at A&Z.