Summer Activities for the Whole Family *

Summertime is here! School is out, and the weather is warm.  A lot of kids want to stay inside in their nice, air-conditioned rooms and play video games, watch TV, or browse the internet. Let’s face it—most adults want to do the same.

However, both adults and children need 3 types of exercise on a regular basis: aerobic, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening. Each of these types should be included at least 3 times per week as part of your family’s 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

Physical activity not only adds some fun to your day, it has many other benefits, such as:

  • It helps make bones and muscles strong.
  • It builds strength and endurance.
  • It relieves stress and improves sleep and mental health.
  • It helps burn calories instead of storing them as body fat.
  • It helps keep blood sugar levels more balanced and in a normal, healthy range.
  • It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • It can boost self-esteem by helping children (and adults!) feel more confident about their bodies and appearance.

Try some of the below activities this summer. Your family will not only get the exercise they need, but you’ll be creating new memories as well!

  1. Go Swimming: in a lake, pool, river or beach!
  2. Visit a farmer’s market– walk around and choose all the fresh ingredients you’ll use to make dinner later on.
  3. Stage an A to Z scavenger hunt– find something that starts with every letter.
  4. Pick berries from a local farm- blueberries and strawberries are summer favorites.
  5. Go canoeing at a local lake.
  6. Go for a walk and then make a collage from nature objects you find along the way.
  7. Collect shells at the beach and then make a necklace from them.
  8. Take a bike ride on a trail or around the neighborhood.
  9.  Assemble your family and neighbors and get a game of baseball going.
  10. Visit a national park and help the kids earn a junior ranger badge.
  11. Or, visit your local trails for a nice hike.
  12. Clean up trash at a local park.
  13. Stage your own Summer Olympics with races, hurdles and relays.
  14. Play a game of H-O-R-S-E on the basketball court
  15. Bowling: take a break from the heat and play this fun indoor sport.
  16. Fly a kite.
  17. Have a hula-hoop competition and see who can keep it up the longest.
  18. Jump rope.
  19. Play a game of Lawn Twister: Use circular stencils and spray paint to turn your lawn into a game board.
  20. Zen out together—do some
  21. Get Pedometers for everyone in the house. Reward the family member with the most steps.
  22. Grab a set of wheels: Rollerskate, rollerblade, or skateboard!
  23. Sign up for a Charity walk. Exercise and do good for your community/favorite charity.
  24. Capture the Flag: play in a large backyard or field with two teams. Each defends their own “flag” (or some specific light object like a beach ball or even a stuffed animal) from home base. The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag and successfully return it to home base without getting tagged. If a player wanders into the other team’s territory, he risks getting tagged and of therefore being frozen or ousted from the game.
  25. Play Hide and Go Seek, Simon Says, or Red Light, Green Light.
  26. Go down to the beach and have a game of Volleyball.
  27. Have a Push up competition.
  28. Have a Frozen T-Shirt Race: Soak a bunch of t-shirts in water, place them in plastic bags, and then stick them in the freezer overnight. The next day, hold a race to see who can “defrost” and pull on a frozen t-shirt the quickest. This is a great choice to play on a sweltering day—you’ll want to keep the chilly t-shirt on even after the race is over!
  29. Have a dance party: compile a list of fun, upbeat family favorites and let loose!
  30. Hit the pavement or a local trail for a run. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article/information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Whatever you do this summer, we here at A&Z hope that it’s a fun, safe, and active one!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article/information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.