Ocu-V+ (60 count)

Ocu-V+ (60 count)


Formulated with nutrients associated with the Age-related eye Disease Study (AREDS) and The Roche European American Cataract Trail (REACT), Ocu-V+ includes vitamins, nutrients and priority Bio Accelerators important to maintain a lifetime of healthy ocular support.
• GliSODin – Clinically shown to help protect cells against oxidative stress including those present in the eyes
• Lutein & Zeaxanthin – helps protect against oxidative damage known to cause loss of photoreceptor cells
• Potency enhanced Bio Accelerator (Bioperine, Ginger Root, Trikatu and Lactospore) to boost digestion, absorption
• Vitamin C & E to help preserve the natural lens and macular health

  • Vision
  • Cell
  • Digestion

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