We created D-Cal® Kids because most children do not receive the recommended calcium intake from their regular diets. D-Cal® for Kids is the calcium supplement specially formulated to meet children’s specific needs, including developing maximum bone density and healthier teeth, gums and jawbones. Our formula contains 300 mg of calcium and 100 IU of vitamin D3. This is a chewable product that is available in peach, pineapple and orange elephant-shaped tablets, with NO SUGAR added! Like our other D-Cal® products, our kid’s formula includes sorbitol, which helps ease digestive issues common with other supplements. D-Cal® Kids keeps your child’s bones healthy and strong—right from the start!

  • Bone/Joint
  • Teeth
  • Digestion

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D-Cal® 300 for Kids: A chewable calcium supplement to keep kid’s bones healthy and strong—right from the start!

Suggested Use: Chew one (1) tablet up to two times daily or as directed by your physician.