A&Z China Launches New Beauty Brand

svelt launch


A&Z China launched it’s beauty brand, Sveltology, on June 29th with a runway-esque launch party.

Sveltology’s product line features Comely Sweets beauty and slimming sticks, Au Lait beauty and slimming drink powders, and Greens Essence beauty and slimming greens juice. Their tagline is ” Easy Beauty,” following the philosophy that your beauty regime should be quick and simple.

Sveltology Easy Beauty

After launching in China, the brand’s founder and developer, Jay Xu, plans to open brand stores before launching and releasing Sveltology in the US. Sveltology is set to launch in New York in 2017.

Check out our video footage from the launch party, starring our CEO and Chairwoman, Emma Li Xu:

Congratulations goes out to Jay Xu and his team for all of their hard work and dedication on the launch!